Grey County Waterfalls tour

Grey County Waterfalls tour

Grgrey-county-waterfall-map_opey county has 9 waterfalls. except for 1 or 2 they are all small falls but are very scenic. You can do this tour in 1 day but I would recommend doing it in 2 days as you can then take an overnight halt on the scenic shores of Georgian Bay. Most falls can be seen by walking for 5 -15 minutes from the car parking but to really enjoy the waterfalls, one should be prepared to do some hiking around the falls and enter the water. Give a few hours of hiking time, an hour to soak and another hour to dry. Use the notes below to pick the falls you want to spend more time as it does get tiring.

The best time to visit would be just after spring when its nice and warm and there is a lot of water flowing in the streams and rivers.

We took the trip in Aug 2016. Expecting less water in the falls as there has been very little rain. We started around 11.30 am but ideally one should start early, say around 9 or so.
1. We started driving north on Hwy 10 to our first stop which was Hoggs img-20160929-wa0003 falls : 5 min walk from parking. Not very busy. Steep descent using a rope tied to a tree. Exciting. Small falls. Looks cute, almost like having your own waterfalls in your backyard. Can sit on the rocks in the water which is at the most 1 foot deep.

2. Eugenia falls – much bigger than Hoggs. Can wade in stream before the img-20160929-wa0007falls. Crossing the wall is illegal and at places, dangerous, but we saw everyone doing it. Dangerous spot as there are no safety railings. Good lookout from the cliff. Experience the spray on a windy day. Close to the parking where you have to pay $5 using an app. Can spend 30 – 45 min max.
3. Next halt was Inglis falls – most beautiful falls falling in steps. You can climb up the falls tight till the top.. At your own risk… Longer trek, img-20160929-wa0008through rocks, boulders – very exciting. Plan to spend the max time here.
4. Weaver creek falls – Entrance through Harrison Park in Ownesound. Short trail, The park is beautiful too but overall falls way short of img-20160929-wa0009expectation.
5. Jones falls – entrance from the Visitor centre of Georgian bluffs. Short trek to the bridge. Small falls and with water literally trickling, there were no falls. The trek is exciting – beware, there are no signs inside and you can get lost amongst the blue and white markings, which don’t tell you which side you are going, in or out! We went in from the Visitor centre side and came out in the Memorial forest parking. Had to walk 5 km on the road to reach the place we entered from where our cars were parked

Stayed overnight in Wiarton, home of Wiarton Willie, in a hotel owned by a croatian immigrant. Location was good – close to the water, marina, Willies place and LCBO. Next morning, had breakfast at the restaurant on the Lake.img-20160929-wa0011

6. Indian falls – had no water but the walk on the rocky river bed was fun.
7. Walters falls had a lot of water. Plan to spend more time here. There is an Inn right at the falls.

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